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" Knowing you has genuinely changed the course of my life. It brings me so much confidence to see someone like me doing the work I want to do. You're a true mentor." - Gen Z Trailblazing Ones to Watch.

" I couldn't have done it without you." - Fellow Founder & CEO

" I now understand "work" at an organic level. I am able to flow with my strengths as a leader and am creating workflows that are psychologically rewarding." - Fellow Founder & CEO

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Hi, Isis here

I'm on the mission to bring critical mass to the green transition.

Named as 1 of 40 Black & Mixed-Race Female Founders to watch in Europe by the Financial Times-backed Sifted.Published on Neuroscience for the Climate in Unesco-backed HAS Magazine.At the intersection of Science, Startups, and Social Impact, lies my passion - Climate Psychology.The Net Zero drawdown gives us 6, 3, or maybe 0 years until irreversible damage is done to our living conditions here on "System Earth".
I believe in tackling Eco-Anxiety with climate positive guidance to turn this challenge into the opportunity of a lifetime to build back better now.
I am a Clean Tech Founder and accelerated my startup in 2021 garnering very major sponsorships. I know first hand why

  • The World Economic Forum states that 50% of the solutions we need for Net Zero have not yet been invented.

  • 95% of early stage solutions fail, and not because they are bad solutions.

  • Entrepreneurs experience 50% more mental health burden than other career paths. Double that again for Eco-Focused Founders.

I created the GAIA Founders | Sentí.earth Mentorship to beat these odds.As a published research scientist and sponsored entrepreneur, my expertise is devoted to changing this for the better through cultural transformation. Steering humanity out of dystopian sensationalist narratives starts by rewriting positive futures.The Net Zero Set is my insider space and community where we move at lightspeed by giving you the actionable tools and insights in favor of thriving People, Planet, and Prosperity. Welcome.Start Here.

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Wild wisdom from Neuroscience and
direct advantages from Entrepreneurship and Climate Psychology.

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